WOW Water


WOW Water

Water-On-Water Reverse Osmosis

  • Faster Easier Installation
  • Compact size fits in half the space of other units
  • Patented water-on-water™ tank provides constant flow to the last drop
  • Environment-friendly – uses up to 500% less waste water
  • No air charge needed
  • Patented manifold design increases reliability 
  • Patented CPU valve with only one moving part = higher reliability
  • Operates as low as 20 psi
  • Safe and convenient, sanitary rapid-change filters offer consumer friendly maintenance

    The many uses of WOW Water include cooking, juices & mixes, coffee & tea, ice cubes, humidifiers, aquariums, rinsing hair, plants, steam irons, windshield, wiper fluid, automobile batteries AND MORE!

Compact Size. Easier Install. More Reliable.